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Featured Author: Kris Harrington

Updated: Jan 17

Kris Harrington writes place-infused creative non-fiction about her lifetime home, Youngstown, Ohio. A lecturer for Kent State University, Kris’s work has appeared in Dictionary of Literary Biography, The Sun, Jenny, River and South Review, Science-Based Vulnerability: Scientists and Poets Resist, among others. She has also been a featured reader at local art events including YSU’s Summer Festival of the Arts, Slice of Life, and Women Artists: A Celebration. She coordinates and directs The Strand Project, a full-length theatrical production of original dramatic monologues. Kris is a sometimes runner, an avid hiker, and an always wanderer. She lives in Youngstown, OH with her husband Jim, daughters Miranda and Gillian, and several rescue pets. Read the rest of her place-centered piece, "Lake Cohasset" in Steel House Review Volume I.