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Featured Author: Dallas Itzen

“I’m gonna write a song called Rittiman Road Blues,” I’d muttered to my brother after too many trips to Fort Sam Houston National Military Cemetery. I’m no songwriter so I penned this account of my first trip there alone and set it to a waltz by Lefty Frizzell. My first Texas visit without a childhood home, this also became a swan song to my home state. It is my hope that it will comfort others who are grief-stricken, especially my dear friend Cynthia in NYC who just lost her Dad.

Rittiman Road Exit is Dallas Itzen's first published essay, part of a memoir she is messily excavating about her folks, Donald & Peggy. Her poem, Shirt Dad, will be in the Winter issue of Third Wednesday Literary & Arts Journal. A branded content writer by trade, she’s proud to have penned a video for and featuring Nobel Prize Winner Malala Yousafzai. She’s rooted in Brooklyn with her film-making partner, Rick, and sneaky cat, Monty. Dallas is from Austin and lives an hour away from her brother Houston in Jersey.