Taylor Elise

Fiction and Poetry Editor

Taylor is a casualty 
of a West Texas city. She says y’all
but doesn’t know how to rope
cattle or ride horses. She loves 
her alma mater, but passes on football
and pep rallies and traditional school pride.
She has lived—
                            here since birth, snatching
at every opportunity to see more
of the world: a tourist in Rome, missionary
in Belize, tragic lover in San Fran. Her most
exquisite adventures take place in her mind,
she writes to save them. She cannot, will not
put her pen down—a lunatic for words.


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J.D. Wolfwrath

Nonfiction and Poetry Editor

Upon this ragged, worn, and wretched brow,

rests the fever of worlds built fresh in fire.

A creator, broken, a man unhinged,

a wand’rer well-spoken, roaming the fringe.

He fights and toils, births wartorn planets,

whispers of rage, roars in raucous silence.


Whether in verse, or slave to lurid prose,

the visage you see is a pauper poor

begging a drop from the Pierian Spring.

Eleven nations trodden, and counting,

now he repasts in the windswept Rockies

Where winds weep hallowed tales that shake the world.


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Hannah Wolt

Fiction and Nonfiction Editor

Molded in urban sprawl, fired in the wilderness, handpainted in rain and sunlight--she is sealed in what is yet to come. Texas is where her house sits but home is anywhere she has left pieces of herself. Her ambitions are waters that move and shift over the course of a river—so trails and words and aspirations wave and recede and bubble up again as she waits on them in faith. Dirt underfoot and pen in hand and prayer on lips are harbingers of purpose and that is enough to sustain her.


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